Messed up EX-Girlfriend Part 4

Everyday at school I see someone I loved for 2 years walking around with… That. I’m over her now because every time i think of her its all in disgust, It just bothers me when I think of how I’ve spent probably the best two years of my life so far with this beautiful amazing […]

Messed up EX-Girlfriend Part 3

I told her “Dee, I don’t care what the situation is between you and Peter, You should not be talking to him at all, what he did was unforgivable, it was twisted and you should never see him, he’s not a good person and you know it” she would ignore everytime i told her to […]

Messed up EX-Girlfriend Part 2

I should have jumped ship when i had the chance, anyway when she broke up with me we didn’t talk for months, she started talking to Peter again and they started to hangout everyday at lunch, One day they were in a special place that was secret and no one went there so they were […]

Messed up EX-Girlfriend

Get ready for a read because I’m going to let out everything I need to get over her. Her name is Dee, We met two years ago through this guy named Peter, Peter and Dee were dating and I was best friends with Peter and her and I met and we really got along and […]

I don’t know

I really don’t know anymore,I just fake a smile everyday.i don’t feel like I’m a kid it sounds weird it’s just all this pressure and I have to live with what happen but it gets brought up all the damn time with family I wish they knew I try to be perfect but I can’t […]

OK. …

OK. ..Once upon time I flirted with a house mate that I referred to as a skinny, under toned and under confident prince harry look alike…wow that joke back fired big time….never again will I make fun of a reality TV desperado. …haha I almost want to move back in with him.

Feeling terrafied

Six more day until my son is born via c section due to him being breech, Maybe my brain was put in backwards, but I’m not scared of the big sharp scalpel the dr has to use, its the epidural needle that he has to put into my spine, I made the mistake of watching […]

School is basically unbearable

LITERALLY everyone in my classroom is 1. EXTREMELY racist, and 2. So fucking ignorant. I wouldn’t even be fucking angry if they were at least a tiny bit apologetic about it, but it seems like they get off on some of the things they say while passing them off as ‘truths’. I have this ‘friend’, […]

What do you want from me?

Okay dad. Sorry for not knowing what the fuck you want from me. Sorry that I like the watch anime, I like to play Pokemon, sorry I don’t always want to go to the gym, sorry i can’t fucking put on weight like you want me to, sorry i can’t get fucking “jacked” like you […]

Friends….Hahaha what friends?

You know I love my friends more than life itself and I always make sure I help them, guide them and advise them if they need it. I’m always there to pick up the slack and pick up the pieces, I’m always the girl that is seen as the coat hanger rather than the actual […]