Why did I do this

I studied for three years only to fail and have my mom cut me off of money and clothes. She has told me to get a job and that I will start paying rent and for my own studies if I want to do they. What has been going on with me the past 4 […]

maybe i’m wrong. but this is what i think

i don’t think people finding their self-esteem from entirely within themselves is a good thing. it’s almost completely unquestioned. it should matter what other people think and say and do. especially the people we love. if we all could love ourselves enough that we never needed other people, we’d get lonely pretty fast. i’m not […]


OK. Who’s that bloody blue Merle bitch belong too. It speaks English with an Aussie twang, claims to be my dream women then ducks off barking random bull shit about humility and equality for all things…WTF!!!

but what does it mean, i dont understand

What are you getting out of being bf/gf with someone? Like what the fuck is a relationship? I dont know. I literally dont understand what a relationship is. Are there rules somewhere? Do the rules tell me how i should feel? I have like no interest in being with someone. I dont want to learn […]

how much can you take before you break

What does hep c, diabetes, open leg wounds, a failed back that needs surgery, and a still born infant have in common? Me… .. What the fuck. My husband beat the hell out of me cheated and was sorry asshole toe so I left tried to raise my kids good, then my family shit on […]

Im not happy about anything

I still think about my ex sometimes. It just kills me. I fucking hate her for cheating on me. 4 years is a lot to throw away. Especially for some fucking loser. I’m honestly not a happy person anymore because of her. I feel so disgusted for being with her after she cheated. Im disappointed […]

what happened to that girl

How did I get here, so unhappy? I use to be the one people noticed always smiling. Even though I was hurting inside from a lying cheating (now ex) husband. Lost friends because of a few haughty people, lost more when I divorced just because people never asked why and blamed me because I didn’t […]

Americans are assholes!

Americans are selfish assholes! I HATE Americans! All they think about is themselves. Americans are assholes. I HATE Americans. All they think about is themselves. Americans are selfish assholes. I HATE Americans. All they think about is themselves. Americans are assholes. I HATE Americans. All they think about is themselves. I HATE Americans. Americans are […]

I hate religion

I hate religion…it leads to so much hateful bullshit like war and murder. I know it saves lives… I mean I was saved by a Muslim soldier who payed for my train ticket home from uni because the ticket officer was too arrogant to admit that I was a student despite my official student ID. […]