Waist of my time

How can you just lead me on like that? Have feelings and then just act like nothing happened. I feel like shit everyday just fucking looking at you. Oh my God. I just wanna punch you in the fucking face. I fell for you once, I thought you weren’t playing on ’round two but I […]

Fuck lizardsquad

I fucking hate these little wannabe cunts. They are a hyped up shitty group of amateur hackers behaving like toddlers. Oh you can do mass DoS attacks? Congratufuckinglations. So can a college student who’s taken two fucking classes. Team up with anonymous, take down ISIS. Stop being cuntwads.

Fuck you you lying trashy whores.

Fuck you, you lied to me. I wish I would have never been invited down here. You lied to me over and over again. You never helped me like I asked you too. I’m left suffering when sick, or during a Crohn’s flare-up. I have been lead to believe that you would help me get […]

No one owns our lives

There are those who believe that our lives are owned by a god, more specifically the Christian God. I respectfully disagree. We humans are an imperfect race. We are too imperfect. We shouldn’t have been left unsupervised, and yet we were. None of us asked to be born or to be brought into this world. […]

Love is not an obligation

You don’t have to love your parents or your family. You don’t have to love those people who call themselves your friends if all they do in the end is make you store anger inside you. Love is not an obligation. If you’re being pushed or forced to love someone, then it’s not love. Love […]

I hate this one girl.

First off I don’t “hate” her. We are both in the band. I play French Horn, and she USED to play trumpet. This year, she decided to switch to French horn. With the stress of chair placements, I haven’t studied just so I can practice. When we get placed SHE IF FIRST CHAIR AND I […]

Why I hate school transportation

I hate school transportation. The busses are 30 years old, and are never replaced unless it can’t move. Then the busses deemed “unsafe” are shipped to Lees Developed countries as public transportation. The stuff that bus drivers go through sucks. You have bratty kids to deal with, and driving conditions are never ideal. The bigger […]


i’m sick of you treating me like crap, and when i take issue, treating me like i deserve it. i’m forced to come to the conclusion that i’m not worth much to you. if someone else gets better out of you? good for them, wish it could be me, but it’s not. i’m sure you’re […]

I think I’m bulimic

I am overweight but recently I’ve been throwing up about once a day. This has been going on for a month now but I don’t know who to approach.( I’m 14 years old but I live in a country where students mature faster to some extent) I’m not losing weight but I need to lose […]